HUMANS ETCETERA - Intelligent Skeleton Collection: HUMANS ETCETERA
Intelligent Skeleton

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If hindsight is 20/20, then perhaps after death we will discover the ultimate hindsight. Intelligent Skeleton was born with this in mind. It explores death in life, in love, in nightmares, on skateboards, and throughout our education. As time passes, death waits inside us as a skeleton; we could be frightened by that and ignore it, or we could look long in the mirror and think about it. This album is for those that don't believe thinking about death is a waste of life.

"HUMANS ETCETERA is the project of U.S. citizen Christopher Henry, who lives and records in China. The album is a melodic, sometimes dreamy, sometimes abrasive indie rock record that recalls the likes of alt-rock heavyweights like Failure as well as slowcore heroes Low." - Treble

"With the HUMANS ETCETERA material, Henry dives into his love for '90s alt-rock and post-hardcore, and incorporates elements of ambient music and other sonic textures." - No Echo