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HUMANS ETCETERA is an experimental rock outfit and passion project of China-based American singer, songwriter, and recording artist Christopher Henry. Primarily a solo endeavor, occasionally infused with collaborative performances, the music of HUMANS ETCETERA is created in the time between work with his other bands: Fuck Your Birthday, Polyphozia 怕繁杂 (both in which Henry is the singer/guitarist), and Night Tides 潮汐狩猎 (in which Henry’s on drums). Beginning in 2012 as an outlet for recording experiments and songwriting, HUMANS ETCETERA continues to be an integral piece in Henry’s ever-expanding musical output.

HUMANS ETCETERA’s eleventh album, Part Of Being Human, is now confirmed for release, appropriately delivering eleven new songs. The record sees Christopher Henry performing vocals, guitars, bass, keyboard, and drums for the entire album, with backing vocals from Lin Xiaoyang on the song “Lovebirds.” Henry recorded and mixed the tracks in Wenzhou, China and also created the cover art, after which the record was mastered by Pinggong in Yiwu, China.