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Brooklyn, New York-based ambient/experimental solo outfit MEGALOPHOBE presents Music For Resistance Fantasies, a cinematic soundscape created as an audio accompaniment to a live dance troupe performance. The score was composed and recorded for Marion Storm’s Resistance Fantasies, Strategies For Moving Toward — And Against, performed at the Target Margin Theater in Brooklyn, New York as part of the 2019 Exponential Festival.

"Listening to the performance piece written by MEGALOPHOBE’s Benjamin Levitt, entitled Music For Resistance Fantasies, it’s like I’m hearing the presence of my resistance as it lives in my belly, heart, and mind. It’s constant, kind of soothing, kind of unsettling, like the rolling thunder above our heads and under our feet, reminding me of my truth when I try to look away from it. I need to escape into it instead, and that’s what this music is allowing me to do." - CVLT Nation

"a spacious, eerie dark ambient piece that brings to mind supernatural imagery, dystopian landscapes and otherworldly space. It’s not too far off from the expansive pieces on Tangerine Dream’s Zeit, with Levitt using unconventional methods to get interesting sounds from his accordion." - Treble

"The music doesn’t feel overly shrill or coarse, which makes the overarching vibe feel at least subtly bright, as if the sun is beginning to slowly emerge on the visible horizon within the music’s metaphorical soundscape. Across ‘Dreamy Reprise,’ the tones persistently and confidently proceed, seemingly capturing an expansive, surroundings-conscious portrait of self-contemplation. The song feels like a moment of looking in a mirror — while the mirror is cracked and laying against a sidewalk." - Captured Howls

"MEGALOPHOBE’s Music for Resistance Fantasies deserves to be remembered as one of the most iconic and painfully lovely summations of the year. ...an ambient, oceanic sensation of grief that penetrates and obliterates the entire self at once. After a year of so many lies and so many haranguing demands for false toughness, music that provides no refuge from sadness is a gift—and yes, a form of resistance too." - Chicago Reader