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"Gorgeous vocals ethereally soar over some rather weighty instrumentation. Mirroring an aspect of the cover art they sound as if they are being broadcast through the upper reaches of the atmosphere. […] Powerful, bombastic, and assured are all adjectives that come to mind when I think about the instrumental elements on this EP. Hefty guitar riffs whirl out of the speakers, only dialed back when the songs call for a more relaxed, dream-like ambience." - The Ripple Effect

"Marking a bit of a return to form to the style of his first EP, Personnel, the three tracks that make up Levels showcase Lupo's ear for captivating melodies and lean, effective arrangements. Levels stands as OPUL's most complete and realized solo effort this far, and deserves repeated spins by any fan of catchy but adventurous music." - Sweet Bread Productions

"Fans of the spacey alternative rock of Hum and Failure, or the driving post-hardcore grooves of Quicksand will likely be enamored with these three tracks." - American Aftermath

"Levels is a truly satiating aural experience, where […] unapologetically beautiful harmonies, shapes, and textures arrange themselves into three well-composed, inexhaustibly lush songs." - Osprey Music Magazine

"Fans of Quicksand, Sensefield, Shift, A Perfect Circle, Radiohead, Dredg, East Of The Wall, Maid Myriad and more will enjoy the layered and ambitious twenty-minute voyage showcasing a variety of beautifully-layered vocal arrangements atop both crunching and crystal clear guitar tones and an incredible range of musical diversity." - Earsplit Compound

"Fully written, performed, recorded and mixed by Lupo himself, OPUL is a wholly different beast from East of the Wall — the two projects have little in common besides a sense of creative adventurousness sorely missing from music today — but we’re still confident you’re gonna love it. Lupo’s spacey, soulful vocals, psychedelic, dreamy guitars, and surprisingly swing-infused drumming makes for an achingly beautiful, wholly unique aural experience. If the Star Child from 2001: A Space Odyssey were wearing headphones in that amniotic sac of his while he float through space, he would almost certainly be listening to OPUL's Levels." - MetalSucks

"The immediate surprise here is the heavy shoegaze wash across Levels‘ 3 tracks. Reverb-laden production and bright, clean tones are front-and-center throughout, which serve as a fitting compliment to Lupo’s very tuneful and melodic vocals. The least surprising thing about these tracks is simply how huge these vocal hooks and choruses are, particularly on opener ‘Presence’ and closer ‘Clarity.’ Lupo has such an incredible knack for these pleasure-centers of melody that always manage to sound fresh and different from one another, and that talent is showcased here from beginning to end. […] At 19 minutes, Levels is a lovely and tight package of ear-worm melodies and powerful songwriting that should leave a lot of listeners looking for more." - Heavy Blog is Heavy

"Think of it as an experiment of what Pink Floyd, Sting/The Police, Radiohead, heavy indie rock with bits of folk and The Beach Boys gone dark would sound like spread across three distinctive songs." - Covering the Scene