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"We are talking about truly progressing music as opposed to regurgitating Genesis. Massively complex musical threads and time signatures have been woven together to create something powerful which never loses its edge, just like Damascus steel. […] It is intense, massively over the top, and one can only imagine a performance by these guys must be all-encompassing and also quite short as there is no way they can keep up this level of energy for a significant period of time. Mathcore is being pushed to its very limits here and the listener is quite drained by the end of it, but in a positive manner." - House of Prog

"Math rock, death metal, noise, sludge, crust, and a pinch of avant-metal tropes. Take all of that, put it in a mixer, and blend until homogeneous. Dress with infernal guttural vocals and sharp shrieks at will. Does it sound insane? Over the top? Impossible? That's the sound of Denmark's OXX trio on The Skeleton Is Just a Coat Hanger; These Are the Black Strings That Make You Dance. Wild and unpredictable, but oh so charmingly deranged. Music created in the spur of an eternal moment. Twisted riffs fight their way through weird effects of undefined origin and blaring saxophones while following lyrics that are cluttered with random paraphernalia rather than meaning. Tempo and rhythm changes abound. But there is always sense in this nonsense. Clusterfuck-core, they call it and invite us to breathe it in deep." – Antonio Poscic / PopMatters

"Take a good, long look at the cover of this album. Drink in the abstract chaos of that pixelated vortex. Read the full title: The Skeleton Is Just a Coat Hanger; These Are the Black Strings That Make You Dance. Read it again; absorb every word like the curveballs that they are. With the presentation of their album, OXX are doing more than just piquing your interest. They’re setting the tone, establishing expectations for the experience they’re offering: a labyrinthine, nigh inscrutable experience whose scope far exceeds anything its 27-minute runtime would suggest. […] Like its title and cover, the album leaves its audience completely mystified as to what they’ve just experienced, yet captivated nonetheless." - Sputnikmusic

"DEP, Botch, Rolo Tomassi - there are reminders of all the common pointers, but the tech-y elements are brightly jaunty, and come packaged with a really heavy approach. […] like a sludge The Armed, on at twice speed, and as ridiculously brilliant as that sounds. The fierce riffs, the deadly vocals - there are elements which remain at the core of the album despite its eclectic nature, that will attract metal obsessives as much as mathcore beard strokers. The album energises you as you listen, OXX throwing everything into every second. It is conversely an exhausting yet exhilarating album to behold." - ninehertz

OXX has not only made a record called The Skeleton Is Just A Coathanger; These Are The Black Strings That Make You Dance, which is a feat in itself, they also managed to make it uncompromisingly unique... weird melodies, nail-biting dissonances, and rhythms that would make free-jazz musicians confused. This is mathcore that doesn’t need any fancy effects or elaborate passages, this is mathcore that is supposed to be fun and have some raw, expressive chops.” - Everything Is Noise

"There’s not any clear way to overstate how off-the-walls insane the new record from Denmark’s avant-garde hardcore crew OXX really is. Called The Skeleton Is Just A Coat Hanger; These Are The Black Strings That Make You Dance, the seven tracks of compact, suffocating music chart a course of absolute sonic destruction that remarkably enough, doesn’t end there. […] There’s not just a rage that in a huff is done — there’s a deeply set, constructive emotional and musical resonance embedded in this destruction that could easily stick with you." - Captured Howls

"Pay attention, idiot... “Screwdriver Hymn” has a floor-scraping bass riff that the guitars lurch alongside, flirting with math-rock guitar noodling and chaotic, dissonant hardcore scrapes that fans of KEN mode and GAZA will enjoy, just as much as the fans of Clutch might enjoy the dirty southern-friend groove that closes the track. It’s a mess, but it’s fantastic." - Heavy Blog Is Heavy

"For a band to title its latest record The Skeleton is Just a Coat Hanger; These are the Black Strings that Make You Dance, well, you gotta think they’re either existing in a completely different universe and playing on a separate astral plane than most of the rest of us, or they’re just not playing with a full deck. So, there you have it: that’s the title of the forthcoming album by this trio from Aarhus, Denmark and aside from strangely reminding me of my father’s favourite way to insult me when I was a kid (“Why don’t you use your head for something other than a hat rack?”), it’s also a title that denotes some of the craziest avant-extreme metallic hardcore in recent memory." - Decibel Magazine