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"PAK can perform some crushing progressive music, along side a few prattle bars, carousel discord, and general conflict. After listening to the years of various incarnations of Ron Anderson and friends, I now understand this band can do anything they put their minds to, and maybe a bit more. As a trio, Bestial is in sublime mode, a darker meeting of Primus, Killing Spree, Massacre, and the likes, blowing up their own version of metallic/skronk/progressive avant-rock, with some added electronic space cadet. And all at once meticulous, irrepressible, and elite." - Lee Henderson, Big Beautiful Noise

"...jazz, progressive rock, ambient, avant garde metal, math metal, experimental and improvisational. Whatever you consider it, PAK’s new full length Bestial is undeniably new, uncommon, and unique. The creation of Ron Anderson and like-minded partners (Steve Blanco of Imperial Triumphant, Larry Kwartowitz of Cleric) who recognize no boundaries between genres worlds apart and seemingly impossible to liquesce and cement at the core. […] Its boundless unpredictability is what makes it accessible to anyone willing to travel the deepest unfathomed depths of songwriting. The transitions in mood from ethereal to hypnotic to somber to aggressive, in which it’s uncertain what comes next, may seem disjointed and harrowing to you during the first couple of tracks. By the time the epic track “Prophesies of the Sybil” is underway a method to the madness is revealed, you start to realize how carefully crafted the album is and you understand the reasoning behind the radical mood changes. You wouldn’t believe the album was recorded in just two days considering the extensive preparation that went into writing and arranging the songs." - Dave Wolff / Autoeroticasphyxium Zine