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Pigeon formed in the fall of 2010 and calls Warwick, NY, it’s home. Despite some lineup changes, and shifting availability, all members are active in the creative process and remain as essential as the next. Originally comprised of four friends who have known each other for the better parts of their lives, Pigeon was a project a long time coming. With each member pulling from many different inspirations and influences, Pigeon are crafting a peculiar and challenging sound. Scrambling across so many genres and utilizing pushy dynamics to represent a wide range of emotions, Pigeon plays and creates with every intention of being as honest as possible. Expect their full-length debut, Big Survival, in the spring of 2013 on Nefarious Industries.

"The first day of a new week is a perfect time to play a tune from PIGEON, very nice post punk / post hardcore band from Warwick, New York. All the fans of Fugazi should definitely check it out. While they have likely drawn the most acclaim from the 90s post hardcore scene, their music brings angry, yet melodic overtone." - Idioteq