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POLYPHOZIA is a grunge/post-rock trio formed in Wenzhou, China, and known locally as 怕繁杂 Pàfánzá (pinyin) which literally translates to “afraid of complication.'' However, there’s been no attempts to keep it simple. Their sprawling song structures are filled with lavish high points, roomy lows, unhurried build-ups, sudden halts, garage-rock clamor, and moments of ethereal wonder. As a band of American and Chinese nationals, having conflicting cultures and languages plays a prominent role in song-writing and stylistic sensibility. POLYPHOZIA will release Suitcase of Voices, their long-awaited debut full-length, with Nefarious Industries this fall. The album features a blend of grunge, shoegaze, and a touch of progressive rock, and weaving the record’s ten tracks together is a narrative dealing with the aftermath of a relationship-ending argument.