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"If you think that your cool new post-hardcore/noise band is going to make waves and be super hip, I have some advice for you… just quit now cause Tape Eater is absolutely KILLING IT. This newly formed four-piece is made up of extremely seasoned musicians, and it doesn’t take the listener more than 40 seconds into their first album Bleeders to figure this out. Bleeders sounds so pleasantly harsh and noisy that I bet you can’t just listen to it once. Every aspect of their songwriting is so technical that you’ll probably want to put down whatever instrument you consider yourself good at. Humble masters of their craft, Tape Eater have concocted a noise-rock recipe that does more than justify their place among other heavily amplified acts." - Good Vibes

"Tape Eater is on the far edge of hardcore, with the hollered lyrical delivery and intense power cords in the guitar work. This New Bedford, Mass band really know now to bring it, yet they can ease up when necessary to craft a good tune and slip into trippy, math rock moments to do so." - Space Rock Mountain