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  • In Living Memory New Release
    Tina Fey


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TINA FEY is a two-piece post-grind band from Cincinnati, Ohio. Bryce Aasen left TINA FEY in 2023, at which point members Shon Worthington and Logan Nichols scrapped everything and started over with a sound more focused, aggressive, sincere, and most importantly louder. After their final set of 2023, a member of local powerviolence band Stall said that TINA FEY makes, "the kind of music that I like to listen to when I'm having the worst day of my fucking life."

In Living Memory drive three new tracks into the listener’s ears, the EP bearing a gnarly thirteen minutes of dismal, hypnotizing, grimy, hardcoreesque “grind-on-downers.” The songs were recorded by Andrew Tetrick, mixed by Johnny DeBorde (For Your Health), and mastered by Ryan Prushinski (Doom Beach).

Vocalist/guitarist Logan Nichols states, “In Living Memory is the first three songs that Shon and I wrote after Bryce left the band. That's why the first song is called ‘No More Bryce,’ because we started working on it as soon as he left the practice space. Lyrically it's about the feelings I was dealing with in ending a five-year long musical relationship with a good friend. We were planning on booking studio time in November to record, but then we were offered a show at a venue that does livestream stuff so we practiced a lot in hopes that we wouldn't make any mistakes so that we could buy the audio tracks from the venue. Thankfully we didn't fuck up too much.” 

He continues, “Everything on the EP is from that performance except for a secondary vocal track on ‘I've Never Been To Uvu Javer,’ the way that the vocal mic was placed at the venue prevented the mumbled parts from being isolated enough to sound good on the final recording. To preserve the sense of urgency from the performance, I routed the right speaker from a pair of headphones into an interface to use it as a microphone and recorded the secondary vocals that way. I sent everything to Johnny DeBorde to mix it and Ryan Prushinski mastered the EP. I've always been way into the music those guys make and over the past couple years we've become buds, so it was really cool to get to work with the two of them on this project.”

The EP is joined by a violent video for the mentioned “I've Never Been To Uvu Javer.” Nichols continues, “This is definitely our most subdued song, and I don't think we'll make much more material in that sonic realm. But topically, we agreed that it was the most important of this release. We assume that many may be able to figure out the specifics of the narrative, but ultimately, it's a finger pointed to the true source of ‘terrorism’ in the Middle East and globally. We're excited to hit the road with these songs as well as the newer ones as we continue to write and play around with the lineup of the group. I'm happy though that this time as a two-piece is well documented whether it stays this way.”

"From Old Gray to Nora, there is just this stretch of bands from more recent times to back when Ferret and the like were just taking off. In Living Memory captures a lot of the past twenty some odd years plus takes us into the future. As far as cassettes like this go, TINA FEY is among the best doing it right now. This is just everything you would expect from a sound that you'd hear live and have your face blown off. But in that audio violence comes a bit of beauty, as words can be spoken just as well as screamed." - Raised by Cassettes