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  • Tina Fey // Louise
    Tina Fey // Louise


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Nefarious Industries presents a new split from two close-knit Cincinnati, Ohio comrade acts, TINA FEY and LOUISE.

TINA FEY is a grindcore-tinged hardcore trio formed by former members of Eunoia and WELP, unifying drummer Shon Worthington, guitarist Bryce Aasen, and guitarist/vocalist Logan Nichols. The group formed in 2022 – Nichols and Aasen were dissolving their covert mathcore act Eunoia as Nefarious Industries was releasing their scathing Psyop Of The Year full-length – and feeling optimistic about the future, the trio prepared this split with hometown ruffians LOUISE as its inaugural release.

LOUISE brings together members from Pout, Brain Dead Breath, and Piss Flowers into something fans of hardcore, screamo, and grunge can agree upon. Having met each other in the kitchens of pizza parlors or by the luckiest and chance encounters, LOUISE is made up of four very close friends for life – bassist Kainon Loebker, vocalist Kevin Vance, guitarist Paul Estes, and drummer Harrison Miller. Solidifying those relationships in the hallways and front porches of punk houses dubbed Porch Couch, Coy Pond, and Mad House, LOUISE was born from late nights being too loud for neighbors and too quiet for all the homies kickin' it out front.

The split was recorded, mixed, and mastered by Kainon Loebker in his studio next to the pickle factory and completed with artwork by Jane Harms.