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"The instrumental trio are still pushing that garage, metal, new wave underground mentality, but bringing that into line with fusion, jazz, RIO, doom, post rock and even trance to create something that is incredibly intense and powerful. It is as subtle as a sledgehammer, and really can cause headaches, but is also melodramatic and alluring. It is music which is compelling, bringing the listener in, shutting the door, and then bombarding them with sounds that feel almost as if they are part of a waterboarding experiment, yet even though the door is unlocked there is no desire to walk back out again. This isn't easy music to listen to, but by giving it the time it deserves the listener comes away having had an amazing experience." - Progarchives

"Rhythmic, vigorous record full of passion, diligence, and excitement." - Ultimate Guitar

"ZEVIOUS continues to blur the lines between prog, jazz, and metal to create something likely to appeal to all fans of forward-thinking music, regardless of the genre. At no point does the band achieve, say, a Psyopus-level of heaviness, but they’ve definitely got the mathcore gene for resisting conformity in favor of bravely exploring uncharted territory. Put more succinctly: you really need to check out Lowlands." - MetalSucks

"What do you get when you put Mike Eber (Smother Party), Jeff Eber (Dysrhythmia), and Johnny DeBlase (Sabbath Assembly, Many Arms) into a room? Apparently atmospheric, completely devastating and very well-recorded instrumental metal. Enter the world of ZEVIOUS." - Metal Injection

"New York’s ZEVIOUS is back with their fourth full-length album, Lowlands, scheduled for release on August 17. Not unlike on their previous efforts, this guitar / bass / drums instrumental power trio lands somewhere between math rock, prog, and metal, with a few hints of minimalist classical and jazz along the way. […] King Crimson, Sonic Youth, Ruins, late-era Present, and Ahleuchatistas are some good starting points for comparisons. But ZEVIOUS is their own animal, and Lowlands is more than worth checking out for that reason alone." - Avant Music News

"Dense and dissonant, New York trio ZEVIOUS’ fourth album is discordant jazz fusion for metalheads, but maybe not vice versa. […] Lowlands is the band essentially saying “screw it” and ploughing further into a world of distortion and dissonance than they had previously dared to do." - Overdrive Music Magazine

"Upon hearing the record for the first time, the likes of King Crimson and Fugazi raced through my brain and, upon reading the band’s background, the jazz influence makes a good degree of sense. Nonetheless, Lowlands, for me, has more in common with the awesome no-wave and art rock bands that Martin Bisi nurtured in his studio than with Davis or Coltrane. […] Lowlands is a fascinating journey across a musical landscape so mottled with influences that, if it were to be rendered as a piece of art, it would be a Dali painting. […] Lowlands is one of those rare records that you can listen to a million times and you’ll always hear something new within. Without vocals to lead the listener to a particular place, instrumental music has the ability to stimulate the senses and ZEVIOUS make a perfect case for this. Exceptionally talented, they never allow their proficiency to overshadow the importance of the song and, as a result, Lowlands feels spontaneous and alive with possibility. The beautiful vinyl pressing, with Bryan Olson’s stunning artwork, is the icing on the cake – this is an exceptional piece of work in whatever format you discover it. 10." - SonicAbuse

"Those already familiar with ZEVIOUS will know what to expect from “Smear Campaign,” the first jam from the power trio’s Lowlands album. For the uninitiated, ZEVIOUS contains members of Dysrhythmia, Sabbath Assembly, Many Arms, Smother Party and other out-there acts, playing off-kilter instrumental music combining elements of jazz, metal and prog. Their 2013 album, Through the Wall, is a total mindfucker and Lowlands promises to do the same, albeit in a more streamlined way." - Decibel Magazine