Live From the Poison Factory
Anxious Wave

Live From the Poison Factory


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Release Date: September 02, 2022
Catalog ID: NEF-83

Limited edition of 100 transparent red cassette tapes, featuring artwork by Greg Pennisten.

A01 Complex Needs
A02 The Silk Fortress
A03 Mirror Bed
A04 Nothing Elicits Joy
A05 Regards
B01 Carnivore
B02 Void Boyz
B03 Executive Dissector
B04 Explicit Bliss
B05 Wings Beneath the Whine

Anxious Wave is:
Brandon St. Pierre (Vocals)
Mikey Belcastro (Guitar)
Sam Okon (Bass)
Dylan Lagory (Drums)

Engineered and mixed by Bryan DeStefano at Roach Ranch, Providence, RI
Mastered by Will Benoit at The Radar Studio, Clinton, CT
Photography by Vinnie Bellows at 476 Productions
Artwork by Greg Pennisten (
Layout by Greg Meisenberg

“Executive Dissector” features additional vocals by Marina Phom of the band Panzerchocolate (