Tina Fey // Louise
Tina Fey // Louise

Tina Fey // Louise


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Release Date: April 07, 2023
Catalog ID: NEF106

Magnolia cassette tape featuring artwork by Jane Harms (@ksrrk). Edition of 100.

Tina Fey
A1 Nuremberged
A2 …Officer

B1 Desert Serpent
B2 Boulder

Tina Fey is:
Shon Worthington
Bryce Aasen
Logan Nichols

Louise is:
Kainon Loebker
Kevin Vance
Paul Estes
Harrison Miller

Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Kainon Loebker in his studio next to the pickle factory. Artwork by Jane Harms (@ksrrk). Thanks to our mothers. Death to all cops.

Ⓟ & Ⓒ 2023 Nefarious Industries.