A Fucking Elephant, El Drugstore

Dope Soaked and Wow // Silver Medals for Everyone

A Fucking Elephant // El Drugstore split

A Fucking Elephant, El Drugstore

Dope Soaked and Wow // Silver Medals for Everyone

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Release Date: July 26, 2011
Catalog ID: NEF-01

A Fucking ElephantDope Soaked and Wow:
01 Blue Crab Fantastic
02 Football With Ukrainians
03 Furious E.
04 Just the Tip
05 Holla! No Babies

El DrugstoreSilver Medals for Everyone:
06 Those Arm Rests Are Fire
07 Schnurrbart
08 Shit-Eating Dog Kisses
09 Slamcart

A Fucking Elephant is Matt and Greg
Recorded at Chumbuckets in New Brunswick, NJ
Engineered by Brian Buccellato
Marstered by Colin Marston at the Thousand Caves, Woodhaven, NY
Additional vocals on Football With Ukrainians by Brian Buccellato
All songs by A Fucking Elephant
© 2011 A Fucking Elephant

El Drugstore es R. Alvarado, K. Conway & S. Rheam
Engineered, Mixed and Marstered by Colin Marston
at the Thousand Caves, Woodhaven, NY
All music written by R. Alvarado, K. Conway & S. Rheam
© 2011 El Drugstore

Design and layout by Eric Nyffeler / Doe Eyed

℗ 2011 Nefarious Industries


“…a glorious cornucopia of sonic surprises so resplendent in its knowledge of the oblique American underground, that it will have you sitting bolt upright, teeth slowly grinding into a paste as the adrenalin flows through you.” – SonicAbuse

“Your spine will bend a little when EL DRUGSTORE goes off the rails in what’s best described as a cacophony of uprooted trees being torn down by a bulldozer where Live at Pompei once stood.” – Review Stalker

A FUCKING ELEPHANT and EL DRUGSTORE will be bands that weave the way into the future of live music. […] No matter how good this split is the tracks make you want to beat your way down to the club and see these guys live. The raw energy comes across well, but to see them live would be awesome.” – We Love Metal

“After listening to the EP I am still slightly confused I must say. Is it Metal? Post rock? Rubbish? Nah that it isn’t, but difficult to place, yes. […] I am truly amazed by these wonders of rhythm on an almost instrumental EP.” – Sea of Tranquility

“As more and more split releases seem to appear there cannot be many that are as progressively textured experimentally and as intriguingly sonically wanton as the split EP from A FUCKING ELEPHANT and EL DRUGSTORE. […] This release is a must for anyone who enjoys the creative output from bands like Mars Volta, Iwrestledabearonce, and Between the Buried and Me. Neither A Fucking Elephant nor El Drugstore sound close to any of those but share the same creative intrigue and expressive style.” – ThisIsNotAScene

“Like King Crimson (an obvious influence on both bands), they manage to sound impressively gifted in the technical chops department without turning into a boring shred-fest — there’s plenty of instrumental wizardry going on, no question, but it’s all in service of engaging, ornate, and considerably original songs. This album is definitely recommended to prog-heads who like their complicated jams rendered with some serious physical weight.” – The One True Dead Angel

“This split EP is a very entertaining introduction to the musical madhouse of A FUCKING ELEPHANT and EL DRUGSTORE and a brilliant way to celebrate the founding of Nefarious Industries.” – Alternative Matter

“Like something from the Pink Panther.” – Hellride Music

“Experimental, dirty, sludgy jams.” – American Aftermath

“Both A FUCKING ELEPHANT and EL DRUGSTORE, aside from brandishing wonderfully titled little ditties like ‘Just The Tip’ and ‘Shit-Eating Dog Kisses’, have an interesting idea of how progressive music melds with pigfuck-ish punk-infused metal. Different groups? Yes, but both savor the math, and fairly floss their teeth with their guitar strings.” – Letters From A Tapehead

“There’s a band called A FUCKING ELEPHANT, which is rad.” – Gun Shy Assassin

“Humans beware; the most putridly progressive and wildly warped split release of the year is upon us! A total head-to-head freakout-fest featuring two of New Jersey’s premiere tech-prog-psycho metal acts.” – Earsplit PR

A FUCKING ELEPHANT is a miracle. If people can’t see a fucking miracle in A FUCKING ELEPHANT, then life must suck for them.” – Violent J (ICP)

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