The limitless and ever-evolving duo BANGLADEAFY – drummer Atif Haq and bassist/pianist/vocalist Jon Ehlers – comes slamming back with a new beast. Housefly brings you thirteen anxiety-ridden compositions performed live on hardware synths, sample pads, and acoustic drums, and entirely abandons the electric bass acrobatics the tag team has become known for. Inspired by the human manipulation of electronic sounds Housefly sees BANGLADEAFY revisiting influences of their youth such as Skinny Puppy, Nine Inch Nails, and Devo.

Marking a development in the band’s philosophy and approach to songwriting, particularly in the vocal department, Housefly embraces more personal lyricism and an uncharacteristically up-front vocal presence. In 2020 BANGLADEAFY have freed themselves of all expectation and restraint — now, anything goes.

With the drums recorded and mixed by Mike Gatto of Gatto Records, Housefly was otherwise engineered, mixed, and mastered by Jonathan Vergara of Pancake Studios, and completed with artwork by Bryan Elkins.

Ehlers offers, “Contrary to previous BANGLADEAFY albums, there is no electric bass on this release. Everything that is heard on this album was performed live on hardware synths, sample pads, and acoustic drumming. We felt that we said what we needed to say on bass and were not interested in creating another acrobatic bass and drum album. I hesitate to say that this album is a ‘quarantine’ album because most of it was written before the virus hit, but it’s safe to say that the arrangement, segues, and motifs were certainly a response to the anxiety created by COVID-19. There was supposed to be more songs tracked in a studio for this album, but safety precautions prevented that from happening. Rather than sit and wait for this whole thing to blow over, we made the best of a bad situation and adapted by adding some new clay to our sculpture.”

Release Date: September 18, 2020
Catalog ID: NEF-64

01 Theme from Housefly
02 Bloom
03 Harvest
04 First Instar
05 Miracles
06 Second Instar
07 Shortcuts
08 Third Instar
09 Lifeforms
10 Pupa
11 Tar
12 Musca domestica
13 Youthanor

Jon Ehlers – vocals, synths, samplers
Atif Haq – drums

Engineered, mixed, and mastered by Jonathan Vergara of Pancake Studios.
Drums recorded and mixed by Mike Gatto of Gatto Records.
Artwork by Bryan Elkins.

“Harvest” contains manipulated samples of Detach The Islands.


“The raw and tormented emotion that BANGLADEAFY broadcast here is thrilling and leaves me in awe of what’s to come next from these tortured visionaries. This is prog metal at its finest, off beat and over the top. Ready to melt your head. There are simply so many layers that you can sink your teeth into.” – Two Guys Metal Reviews

BANGLADEAFY have long been favorites of MetalSucks, and with good reason. The NYC-based duo — drummer Atif Haq and bassist/pianist/vocalist Jon Ehlers — are one of extreme music’s most innovative and original acts today. Press materials for their new album, Housefly, cite Skinny Puppy, Nine Inch Nails, and Devo as influences, and we’d argue that only scratches the surface. ‘Bloom,’ the Housefly track MetalSucks is stoked to be debuting today, is a detonation of popcorn percussions, anxious bass, and retro, menacing synths. It’s like an aggressive acid trip given aural form — and the accompanying visualizer is appropriately trippy, too.” – MetalSucks

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