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TWIN GOD, conceived in 2016 as Bryan Elkins’s heavy new beginning, took a turn from the elaborate riff-stacking of his previous metal band In Musth to a sharper focus on concise songwriting, eventually taking shape with the same musicians he had collaborated with for most of his adult life. Ed Charreun plays bass, Felipe Torres handles the drums. Noise rock, math rock, and sludge metal are woven into a backdrop for mania, words screamed hellishly raw through sickening anthems of self-scrutiny, archetypal dissection, and endless bile for the cruel. The influence of heavy innovators like Big Business, Black Cobra, and Botch show through. The band is good live. Maybe live shows will be a thing again someday.

With their debut EP, Deaths, the band’s storytelling reaches in opposing extremes to pointed effect regarding, you guessed it, two deaths. Musically, both tracks evoke chasms and dread like a feeling of falling, but for very different reasons. In the untethered rage of “Animate,” the artist’s wishful thinking calls on an unnamed woman to murder her (real life) serial predator husband, whereas in “You And I,” a man confronts a foundational loss — the death of his twin — and a resulting lifetime of guilt.

Torres’ drumming and Charreun’s bass were recorded by Charreun at his home studio Radon Waves. Elkins’ guitars were tracked with Mike Tarlazzi (original TWIN GOD drummer) at his studio Chromium Homes. The vocals were self-recorded by Elkins, parallel parked in Brooklyn in his mom’s Honda CRV on a laptop during the height of NYC’s coronavirus shutdown. Elkins mixed the tracks at home, which were then mastered by Colin Marston at Menegroth, The Thousand Caves.

Release Date: September 25, 2020
Catalog ID: NEF-69

01 Animate (Death of the Creature)
02 You and I (Death of the Twin)

Bryan Elkins – guitar, vocals
Ed Charreun – bass guitar
Felipe Torres – drums

All songs written by Bryan Elkins, arranged by Twin God. Additional arrangements on “You and I” by Michael Tarlazzi. Drums and bass were recorded at Radon Waves, engineered by Ed Charreun. Guitars were recorded at Chromium Homes, engineered by Michael Tarlazzi. Vocals were recorded in a Honda CRV by Bryan Elkins. Mixed by Bryan Elkins. Mastered by Colin Marston.


“…heavy but with a distinctively progressive edge and a Voivod vibe. There are also elements of bands like Big Business and Karp […] judging by the grim EP title, you’d expect to be crushed by a never-ending riff fest but instead you’re met by something far more nuanced.” – The Sleeping Shaman

“The EP’s got two songs, one of which is the seven-minute “You And I (Death Of The Twin),” which premieres in this post. It’s got some strong hints of Leviathan-era Mastodon, but TWIN GOD shake things up with a Neurosis/Godspeed-style post-rock mid-section too.” – BrooklynVegan

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